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How old are the boys? What are their birthdays?

Bill and Tom were born September 1, 1989. They turned 17 in September 2006.
Gustav was born September 8, 1988. He turned 18 on September 2006.
Georg was born March 31, 1987. He turned 20 in March 2007.

Are Bill and Tom really identical?

Yes, Bill and Tom are actually identical twins. As Bill once said: without clothes, they’d look completely the same! …Assuming the hair and make-up were the same as well.

Do Bill and Tom have any other siblings?

Nope. Mama Kaulitz only gave birth once and she struck gold the first time.

Who is David Jost?

David Jost is Tokio Hotel’s producer. He assists the band with the creation of their music, and is instrumental in the instruction of songwriting and instrument playing. Perhaps more importantly, he was given the job of caretaker for the boys, which will continue to be a very important job as long as Bill and Tom are still underage. He accompanies the band to all concerts and events, overseeing their every move, and can often be found lurking in the background of photos.

Who is Saki?

Saki is Tokio Hotel’s busiest and most recognizable bodyguard. Also seen in many pictures, particularly those taken by fans, he keeps tabs on the boys, guarding and protecting them. As he also accompanies the boys to most events, you would be most likely to find him keeping the group out of the way of fans’ sharp claws.

Who is Andreas?

Andrea is notorious for being Bill and Tom’s best childhood friend. Put into the public eye by Bill and Tom themselves during various interviews, he has reached a level of celebrity status of his own, occasionally attending red carpet events with the boys. He also runs the official German Fan-club, and is often watching over the forum.

What’s the difference between the albums Schrei and Schrei [So Laut du Kannst]?

Schrei was the original debut CD launched by Tokio Hotel in late 2005. It consisted of 12 songs, entirely sung in Bill’s highest vocal register. In mid-2006, Schrei was re-released as Schrei [So Laut du Kannst] – it included a version of Rette Mich recorded in Bill’s new voice, as well as three bonus songs (Beichte, Schwarz, Thema #1.) Der Letzte Tag was eventually also re-recorded for the video, but was only released on the CD for the single itself.

Did Tokio Hotel write the song “Sex”?

No, no, no. Never has, probably never will. This song was recorded by a German artist named Lukas Hilbert, but was labeled by someone as Tokio Hotel on various peer-to-peer programs.

Other than those on the Scream album, what songs have been translated (and recorded) in English so far?

So far, the only songs that we know of that have translated into English include Schwarz (Black) and Wo sind eure Hände (Raise your Hands). Black was released as a B-side on the single for Monsoon. A recorded version of Raise your Hands has not been officially released yet, nor an official version of 1000 Seas (1000 Meere).

Do they have another CD coming out soon?

There is no news about a new CD coming out at the moment. Zimmer 483 was released quite recently, therefore no one should expect a completely new CD until at LEAST mid- to late-2008 at the earliest.

When will they be in [replace country here]?

Tokio Hotel tour very frequently with few breaks, and they are always expanding to new countries. Just because they haven’t visited yet doesn’t mean they never will, so don’t lose hope!

Do they have sex and how often?

We don’t know, you don’t know – no one knows except for them, and that’s the way it ought to be.

Do they have girlfriends?

The record states that they do not. If they did, and wanted people to know, they would make it public. However, ANY and ALL reports of supposed girlfriends should immediately be considered fake. They’re all rumors and should not be believed OR passed on. We promise, Bill is not dating your friend, or your friend’s internet-friend from Germany, or your mother’s cousin’s dentist’s babysitter. So don’t worry.

Is this really Bill? -- http://i18.tinypic.com/4yrzkzl.jpg


Omg! Is this Tom? -- http://i7.tinypic.com/4q850y1.jpg

Nope. We verified with Andreas himself.

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From members!

Did Bill really cry when he was performing in Prague?

Some claim that he did cry during the performance of Vergessene Kinder, but he most likely didn't. There were pictures that surfaced shortly afterward that were not photoshopped in which it appeared that he was crying, but this was most likely caused by sweat, as tear ducts are not in the outer corner of the eye (as the picture would suggest). So... probably not.

Did Tokio Hotel write the song "Ich Liebe Dich"?


Do Bill and Tom smoke?

There's no way to say if they smoke on a regular basis, but both boys have been photographed with both lit cigarettes and cigarette cases in their hands.

Do the boys speak English?

Gustav has a very good grasp on the English language. Georg is also really good. Tom and Bill are not as advanced in English as the other two, but they're learning. You'll find that when English is spoken to them in a calm, quiet environment, and at a moderate pace, they can understand it very well. The main problem is that they can't really speak it back that well. But they try.

Can Bill or Tom draw decently?

Tom has often stated that his favorite class in school was art and that he considers himself to be a talented drawer. Bill has also expressed an interest in art and fashion design and seems to have some talent in drawing as well
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