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This is a thread for discussion about the VIP section at the official Tokio Hotel website.


What is Tokio Hotel V.I.P?
You will get access to Tokio Hotel V.I.P when buying any of the US versions of the CD album Scream. In the CD there's a code which will give you access to the V.I.P content when you register with your email adress and contact info. Please note that each code is unique and two members registering with duplicates codes won't work, so do not give away your code.

V.I.P section works for fans all over the world. All you need to do is buy one of the albums. Many US online stores ship worldwide. Hot Topic and Best Buy (both whom have exclusive Scream albums versions for sales) do not however, but the standard version of Scream which can be bought anywhere else in US online stores also features the code.

You register here

What content is on V.I.P?

The official website says:
Join the Tokio Hotel V.I.P. Section from May 6th on and get EXCLUSIVE access to…
... an EXCLUSIVE Starchat with Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg!
... a never seen before Tokio Hotel TV episode - especially produced and reserved for this new V.I.P. section ONLY!
... a V.I.P. video message directly from the band!
... a LIVE concert stream of a U.S. concert!
... a chance to WIN Tokio Hotel concert tickets (incl. Meet & Greet credentials with Tokio Hotel)
... find out what other surprises are waiting for YOU!

Thread Guidelines

Not allowed:
- We do not allow any actual content from the V.I.P section to be copied and posted here. This also includes linking to external sites that may not respect copyright laws.

- If you're not a V.I.P member, do not ask for content to be emailed or PM:ed to you.

- General discussion about images, videos, live streams, blogs, chats and anything else that may be at V.I.P. But do not copy any full transcripts or images or videos (even if you find them on YouTube). We also do not allow screen caps from videos or copied paragraphs.

- Notifications on updates

- General chatting about the live concert streaming for example.

- Technical questions

Members who violates the rules will get infractions and their post will be deleted without warning. Serious or repeated violation will get you banned.
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tokio hotel V.I.P
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