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Lovetalk with Bill:

There is hardly a popstar with a bigger following than the singer from Tokio Hotel – but he still remains solo! Now, the 17 year old opens his heart in YAM and tells us why it's difficult to find a girlfriend.

It couldn't be better for Bill Kaulitz – he sells millions of CDs with Tokio Hotel, gets one rice after another and breaks a thousand hearts. It looks different in his private life, though. Bill had to spend Valentine's Day as a singe and alone once again. In YAM he tells us, when he was in love for the last time and what he looks for in girl.

YAM: Bill, you're still waiting for your Miss Perfect, aren't you – or are there any news?
Bill: No, I'm still solo.

YAM: What would your dreamgirl have to be like?

Bill: When it comes to her character, she had to be funny and spontaneous. When it comes to her looks or style, she simply has to touch me. She should cause something in me the moment I look at her. I don't believe that it's possible not to be interested in one another in the beginning and to fall in love later on. I believe in love at first sight. There has to be something there right from the start. You don't have to be together right away, but there has to be a strong feeling right from the beginning. It has to be really important for me.

YAM: Is there anything you specially look at when you first meet a girl?

Bill: I think beautiful hands are very attractive so that is probably what I look at first. Her style doesn't really matter, it's just important that it has character. And if that convinces me, I don't care if she wears Jeans and sneakers or a skirt and high heel.

YAM: Which famous women do you like?

Bill: Angelina Jolie is really hot. And I still like the Olsen-Twins.

YAM: When have you been in love for the last time?

Bill: Oh, that has been ages. The last time was when I was 13 or 14. I had my first longer relationship back then. I haven't really fallen in love ever since...

YAM: When you meet a girl you're interested in, do you fall in love easily?

Bill: Yes! Even though it has changed a lot. It takes a lot of time until I let someone get close to me now. But falling in love still happens fast, basically head over heels.

YAM: Do you go over to talk to her or wait for her to come and talk to you?

Bill: I let them come and talk to me...but when I am interested in her, and I see she does not dare to come and talk to me, I would do it.

YAM: What's it like when you meet a girl now? It must be really difficult to trust someone or to find out if she is really serious...

Bill: True. We have all become more careful in the band. It's difficult, to find someone you can trust an be yourself with. But we also think that we have to get to know people and tht is why we go to these kind of single parties. I trust it will happen by accident. If the right one comes along, she will come along.
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