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 Yam! No.38 Interview

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Exclusively in yam, the kaulitz-twins tell about how bizarre their fights among each other really are and why Gustav and Georg rather tuck tail and run off in situations like that. furthermore, the 4 are talking about their new single & their concert in germany!

The fans are have been waiting for a sign of life from them and here it is! The boys spontaneously invited the Yam to hamburg- and have been showing themselves from a very different side. Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg talk about their plans- private and in their job!

Yam: Bill and Tom, you're 18! what's gonna change for you now?
Bill: we're now not only allowed to drink alcohol and drive cars but we generally got more freedom now. until now, we've been working like grown-ups, earning money and paying taxes but we were never allowed to sign any contracts. hell, i wasn't even allowed to sign my own mobile-phone contract…
Tom: We both have been raised to be very independent and have been standing on our own two feet for a long time but it's something entirely different when you're allowed to decide for yourself for 100%. ever since i was 12 i've been wanting to sue people whenever something pissed me off and now i could! *laughs*

Yam: what's gonna happen in the next months?
Gustav: we're continuing with touring through europe and we're playing gigs in a number of countries. we're also gonna play a concert in germany, on november 4th in essen. that's gonna be the final concert of the "483-europe tour" and on the 19th october, our new single "An deiner Seite (ich bin da)" is gonna be released in Germany...

Yam: what can you tell us about the german single-release?
Bill: besides "an deiner seite", there's gonna be a new, not yet released song on the single.
Tom: besides that, there's gonna be a couple of very intimate tour-moments on the single. during the europe-tour, we had a camera team tagging along with us all the time and now we got so much material that we can't put everything onto the DVD. that's why we made two different documentaries- one for the tour DVD and one for the single.
Georg: there's some VERY funny moments on it…
Bill: true! you're gonna see us in all kinds of really different situations- like you've never seen us before. for example while sleeping, freaking out and even me without make-up..
Tom: it wasn't about looking good in that docu- the fans are supposed to see us like we really are. it's like a TH-diary.

Yam: can you tell us a particular scene?
Bill: well, there's this one scene in which Tom and i are really fighting.
Tom: well, it's not us fighting but you totally freaking out. as usual, i kept my calm while you're totally losing it and scream at me. i think you even called me "you sick fuck" in front of everyone. (note: the literal translation would be "you sick pig" but it equals "sick fuck", actually)
Bill: *turns red* well, we love and hate each other.
Tom: i think right now i hate you more than i love you though… *both laugh*
Bill: when we were young, we were fighting with each other on a daily basis, we even hit each other with frying-pans once. we only ever stopped when one of us started to cry for real. when we're getting into a fight nowadays, Georg and Gustav usually leave the room.
Georg: nobody can stand to watch the insanity you two are going to each other.
Gustav: *grins* and most of all, stop dragging us into it!
Bill: Tom drives me insane sometimes.
Tom: boy, you're totally mad!
*Bill attempts to look like a mad-man for a second and both start laughing again*

I'm not a perfect girl...
My hair doesnt alwaz stays in place...
I spill things alot. I'm pretty clumsy...
Ofcourse sumtimes i do have a broken heart!
My friends & i fight alot...
Maybe thats how we keep the love growing...
Sum days nothing goes right...
But when i think about it. i take a step back...
I remeber how amazing life truly is!
Thats why maybe. Just maybe. I like being unperfect.
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Yam! No.38 Interview
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