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 bill is sick..and tom is the boss in the house now...

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MesajSubiect: bill is sick..and tom is the boss in the house now...   Joi Iun 05, 2008 8:55 pm

Tom, your brother Bill will be operated today or tomorrow. How does Bill spend his days at home?

Bill is lying in bed most of the time watching TV. We've given him DVDs so he is quiet. Right now, it watching the full seasons of "prison break", which keeps him busy. Now and then, he shuffles into training clothes to the fridge and gets something to eat. If I could finally see him get in front of the TV with a box of beer to see Fussi, I will be really proud of my little brother.

Who cooks for Bill?

At the moment I cook every day with my special spaghetti sauce. I may say my sauce is absolutely incredible. Bill probably gonna detest it, but can't complain because he has to save his voice. Bill cooks worse than I do. From time to time, our Ma visit us, and you can see that Bill's so happy when she is in the kitchen.

How does it feel like to be at home for such a long time without a break?

We've been on the road for years and suddenly you're at home all day long. It is a drastic change. You're falling into a hole and suddenly you miss being on the road. And Bill misses being able to sing. Bill is not only singing on stage and in the studio; usually he is singing the whole day at home. No wonder his voice is stricken. Now he is quiet - I think the silence is comfortable.

Is Bill in pain? How are you cheering him up?

Well, I think he's not in pain. Well, and if he were, he couldn't complain anyway because he has no voice. Usually Bill is talking non-stop, this can really get on your nerves. At the moment I have the most relaxed time of my whole life. If someone is talking, it is me. And Bill can't do anything against it. That is great. Yesterday he wrote "Shut your fuckin' mouth!" with his eyeliner on a sheet of paper. If I'm getting on Bill's nerves he holds up this note.

Will you go with Bill to the hospital? How long does he have to stay?

Bill wants to stay in the hospital as short as possible. Likely, he can't stand to stay there longer than 1-2 days. I'm going with him and will stay by his side the whole time, for sure. Our family, the closest friends, Georg and Gustav and our crew will visit him too, of course.

What are your drummer Gustav and your bassist Georg doing at the moment?

Well, for them it will be like always. What are they supposed to do? They are doing nothing, like always Georg is likely playing with himself the whole day, as always and Gustav is riding his bycicle.
Nah, to be honest, I think we're all the same. Because of this forced break we can calm down. Maybe this is not so bad.

Are you scared that "Tokio Hotel" won't sound the same after the surgery? Is Bill scared that his voice will be higher or deeper after the surgery?

To be honest we really are fucking scared. Both of us. If so, Bill already gave me signs that I have to sing. Well, Phil Collins also was a drummer before he started singing.

So you have an emergency plan. Your fans are also very concerned. There are a lot of presents for Bill, aren't there?

It is really incredible and absolutely cute what the fans are doing. Bill is getting showered with fan-presents at the moment. Most of them got inspired by Bill's throat. He is perfectly equipped for the next skiing trip. He got a lot of scarfs and shawls. And we can also open an apothecary. Countless of drops, multi-vitamine pills, vitamine C, zinc and also many homeopathic like stuff which will make your immune system more stable. If you take it all at once you maybe have a very nice trip.
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bill is sick..and tom is the boss in the house now...
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