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 Translation Star live (März/April 08)

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Is it war between you guys?
-Tom: No; When we were little maybe.
-Bill: Ya! He learn how to ride a bike first and he’s still proud of that today

Is it hard/ hurtful when you’re apart?
-Tom: Yes- always

What are your favorite dishes and what can’t you eat?
-Tom: For me it’s penne with tomato sauce
-Bill: Yes! With lots of parmesan. But I hate broccoli and cabbage. I tried to eat them once or twice but I spit them out. I just don’t like vegetable.
-Tom: Me; I hate asparagus

What do you like about you?
-Tom: Where to begin? (Laughs) I’m extremely funny because I tell the best jokes.
-Bill: When I start something, I have to finish it and it has to be a success and I usually don’t need anybody’s help

What don’t you like about yourself?
-Bill: I’m a big sleeper
-Tom Me too; it’s a huge problem for us, we’re always tired.

What do you like in your brother?
-Bill: his spontaneity
-Tom: No; that what I was gonna say! I’m gonna have to find something else…His energy

How can one tell you apart physically?
-Bill: I have a mole on the chin and Tom has one on the cheek. He has a way bigger nose and since I’m taller than him you can say he’s a midget (laughs)!
-Tom: Bill might be taller but I win in everything else!
-Bill: I have to endure that everyday. Dumb remarks that are not even funny. The worst is Georg is like that too!

Why is your relationship so special?
-Tom: We are so different but so alike; we don’t look like twins but have a strong connection: if I look at Bill, I know immediately what he’s thinking. I feel when he’s in trouble even when he’s not with me.
-Bill: We have the same character. We are both stubborn and relentless
-Tom: We are very determined. When we have something in mind we’ll do everything to make it happen
-Bill: We are very close and we love to laugh together especially since we only need to look at each other to start laughing.

What pleases you in a girl?
-Bill: I like beautiful hands and eyes.
-Tom: I like pretty eyes and nice butt.

What do you do apart?
-Bill: Go to the toilet, shower or bathe (laughs)

Tom practices karate
Bill took dancing classes when he was younger
Bill got his 1st tatoo in july 2005
Tom's dreamgirl is tall(but no taller than him)
Tom prefers blond and discret girls
Bill is allergic to apples and bees
They are friends with the Killerpilze
Bill broke a tooth during a show
Their album was released in Russia
They buy tabloid magazines to know what they say about them
Their dog's name is Scotty and their cat's Kasimir
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Translation Star live (März/April 08)
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