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 Tokio Hotel: „Person must be careful on love!“

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Tokio Hotel: „Person must be careful on love!“
It is an article from czech Sweet 17 on february

February is worldwide month of love we surely musn’t say that. And also TH know it very well. You know very well, that boys have no problem to speak about anything on what journalists or fans ask them. Sometimes when they have what to say they speak themselves even some question. Maybe they have some Valetine’s mood. Because about fall in love, love and what does it means for them they spoke really a lot.

Tom: „I can imagine that I would fall in love to a fan.“

About Kaulitz twins we know two things. At first that Bill doesn’t like flirts for a while or love for one night. And for second that Tom has nothing again contact with sympatic fans. Like brothers they are absolutely different, they understand each other very well, they have similar sence of humor a they don’t let each other.

Bill is afraid of he won’t recognize his real love.

Singer TH is so popular with his reserve to girls that german newspapers already though about his sexual orientation. True is that Bill gave them reason for it, when he from a fun wrote on internet that he is gay. He would maybe really some boy-fans made happy, whos TH don’t have less, and he also gave a lot work with explaining to medias and fans that he is NOT gay and it was just a joke. Also this didn’t change something that to be in Bill’s close is for girls impossible. He really take care about his personal space. „I wait for real girl. I still believe that somewhere is the only one, who I will let go there, where is nobody else. That one who will deserve all, my kiss, my love, my sex, which nobody else can have.“ He is also really afraid of that the real one will get away. „I am really afraid of that. I am not like Tom. For him it is easy and he will recognize really fast if that girl is for something or not. But I am not like that and I don’t want to. Also I know about the risk I won’t recognize my real love. Whatever can happen. I couldn’t see her between people or I will have time only for my mobile or I will have to do interview and I will miss the most important meeting in my life. Horrible feeling! But if it has to be like this, it will and I can’t do anything with it. Love is by my opinion really breakable thing and if the person think it serious, he must take care about her. In Tom’s case I think he will be happy in love very soon. I think he will wake up one day, his girlfriend will lie next to him and he will be know she is the real one and will be happy!“

Tom: „Girls don’t be ashamed of to show your legs!“

Tom really love girls. He doesn’t care which hair she has or if she is fan of TH. „It is fact that dating with a fan could be really interesting. But after this person really doesn’t know if she is not with him only because of his fame. It is just risk. I can imagine I would fall in love into a fan if she would really be great,“ said Tom. „I really don’t care what she will have for hobbies but she must love sex,“ laugh. „I don’t want some slut but sex is important for me!“ Tom also says to girls to show what they have. „It is really shame when girl with a beautiful legs, ass or breast doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to show her body. In many case it is really not much and it would be interesting.“

She must speak german!

Bill and even Tom were never on foreign languages. That’s is why they would never learn foreign language because of girl. „We just don’t have brain for it. We probably got more musical, but we are not angry. But our girlfriend must know german language in order to speak together,“ say both. Twins by this react on fact that between fans in Europe was really big interest about german lessons. „It is really amazing when because of music will start some person to learn foreign language which can be used on different opportunities,“ says Bill and send message to everyone: „Enjoy Valentine and take care about your love
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Tokio Hotel: „Person must be careful on love!“
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