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 BRAVO #8/2008: So is sex with a fan!

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BRAVO #8/2008: So is sex with a fan!

Until now he always did kind of mysterious about this subject. His motto also is: A gentleman enjoys it and is silent about it. In Bravo Tom reveals for the first time what really happens in Tokio Hotel.

They have so much in common and yet they are so different! Last week Tokio hotel singer Bill (17) surprised everyone in Bravo with his love confessions: "I haven`t been in love for two years, and sometimes feel alone". Now also his twin brother surprises everyone with some very private confessions! The popular guitarist confesses in an exclusive interview with Bravo that he doesn`t live that timid. That it does happen that he has a girl for one night! And that he already has been with a fan before! A close look backstage. What really happens in Tokio Hotel! Until now he always did kind of mysterious about this subject. His motto also is: A gentleman enjoys it and is silent about it. Still, we did it! To Bravo Tom finally confesses his secret about a steamy night - with a fan!

BRAVO: Sex with fans what`s with that?
Tom: It can happen! Some of or fans are really cute. Why should I exclude them? (grins)

BRAVO: Aha! Did you have a special experience with a fan?
Tom: There was this situation last year during the "Schrei" - tour. After the concert we went as always straight to the hotel with our tour bus, before the hotel were still fans waiting. We gave away autographs for about 30 minutes, after that I actually wanted to go to bed.

BRAVO: Actually?
Tom: I went upstairs with the elevator. In the hall to my room there was this girl.
When I walked past her she gave me this really sweet smile. I smiled back, and went to my room.

BRAVO: So nothing happened?
Tom: It did (laughs)! A few minutes later she knocked on my door. I was just filling up a bath and turned on the tv. Then out of nowhere there was this girl from the hallway and she just laughed at me. I first asked her what was wrong. She just said she really wanted to be with me, and she just gave me a cheeky smile. Then I said: Well ok, being together in my hotel room...
Then she just gave this totally cute smile. After that I just let her in.
After concerts I just become a little more emotional, then I am just not fully accountable (smiles)! Just seconds after that I thought to myself that this maybe wasn`t such a good idea to let some strange girl into my room. But she was already inside I can`t just throw her out then or what? (grins)

BRAVO: And then you just jumped into the bath-tub, or what?
Tom: No! I just stopped running the water and got us some drinks from the minibar. The curtains were already closed, but not because I was expecting the girl. The curtains are always closed on my room, and I also have: "Do not disturb" sign on the door - even when I am more then 1 day in the hotel. I don`t like it when all of a sudden someone comes in to fill the minibar or something. Oops, I am getting off subject

BRAVO: Explain what happened then?
Tom: We just were sitting on the bad and just smiled at each other. In between she sometimes look at the tv but she didn`t say anything. Then I said to her: For someone who wants to be with me you are very quiet. She ten smiled again and came a little closer. Well, after that we got rid of all the stops.

BRAVO: And how was it?
Tom: It was fantastic! I believe we both had a really good night. Off course I don`t give away details. But she was 17 and was turning 18 soon.

BRAVO: Did you celebrate her birthday?
Tom: No (laughs)! Her birthday was only a few days later. But that would have been very cheerful.

BRAVO: What happened after the sex?
Tom: After that we were very hungry and called room-service. Too bad it was already after eleven then they only have a night menu. But I was really yearning for something that only is on the menu of the day. I wanted to know if she liked it too because it`s my favourite. So I talked in to this guy from room service for about 10 minutes till he gave in. Just a few minutes later we had pasta with tomato and cream sauce and cheese for dinner.

BRAVO: Did you see her more then one night?
Tom: No, even though it was really nice, it just stayed this one night. I asked her her phone number and she did gave it. She smiled and said that i wouldn`t call her anyway, and she didn`t expect that, and that I shouldn`t say anything about it. She didn`t mean all of it because she still sounded sweet.

BRAVO: And did you call her?
Tom: No, not yet.

BRAVO: Would you maybe call her on your next tour?
Tom: Maybe, but you never know what will happen on the next tour? I don`t usually plan those things. When those moments just happen it is much nicer! I just love that, that`s just the way I am. Bill is totally different in those things, he is waiting for his true love and just doesn`t get that I find one-night-stands very emotional, regardless, if it happened spontaneous or not. When I tell Bill this stuff he could really shoot me (laughs) but off course I haven`t said this to him, we have enough other things that we agree on.
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BRAVO #8/2008: So is sex with a fan!
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