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 Since 2 years no kiss! Why he is so lonely

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MesajSubiect: Since 2 years no kiss! Why he is so lonely   Joi Iun 05, 2008 9:14 pm

[i]Thousands of loveletters, screaming fans!
Countless girls are screaming "I love you" to him. He`s the most desired boy in Germany.
Nevertheless Bill Kaulitz (17) is single. And that for more than 730 days!
Exclusively in the Bravo-interview the Tokio-Hotel singer reveals all about girls, loneliness, emotions and the hope for the big love

BRAVO: How long are you exactly single?
Bill: Since about 2,5 years I`m alone.

BRAVO: That means, you were 14 years old, when you had your last girl-friend?
Bill: Exactly. I was 1,5 years together with that girl. I was really in love with her.

BRAVO: Why do you have separated?
Bill: I don`t know anymore. We drifted apart. But I have never separated from my girl-friends in quarrel. We always had contact and stayed friends.

BRAVO: How many girl-friends did you have?
Bill:Five! I was the first time in love with a girl, when I was in the 4th class.
She was older. I always had long relationships.

BRAVO: How do you feel, when you are in love?
Bill: That is the best, that can happen, if you have really big emotions for another human beeing. Then I`m totally confused and cannot concentrate on anything else.

BRAVO: And would you like to fall in love today?
Bill: Yes! I would really like to fall again in love. This feeling is really super-nice -
and it would be terrific, when I could have this feeling again.
But I`m totally not unhappy at all. I had so many luck in the last years.And it has also advantages being a single. You can talk with people free, you don`t have to justify and there exists no jealousy.

BRAVO: Have you necked (kissed) in the last two years?
Bill: No! Just friendlike kisses for welcome. But nothing with passion.

BRAVO: But you`re so often at aftershow-parties and events- there should be something possible….
Bill: Yes, sure. But I`m not an up-picker (Aufreißer? don`t know the English word). I don`t have even short flirts. Of course, that would be possible. But that is more Tom`s part (laughs). That`s nothing for me.

BRAVO: Don`t you feel then anytimes lonely?
Bill: Yes, there are such moments. We are often on journey – and sometimes alone in the evening.
That`s part of our life. In such situations it would be nice having a girl at my side. Sure, I have Tom, Georg, Gustav – and my family. But nevertheless I feel sometimes lonely.

BRAVO: And what do you do against that?
Bill: Sleeping! (grins) That helps always.

BRAVO: But that is very sad, or not?
Bill: Hmm...I call in such moments often with my friends. They are always there for me.
And it helps me much writing down how I feel like I did for example with our new song "Hilf mir fliegen". I wrote this song also in such a situation.

BRAVO: You are really showered with love-confessions of your fans. Could you imagine to have a fan as girl-friend?
Bill: That would be really very cool. It`s super to have somebody, who likes my work and my music and, who likes, what I do.

BRAVO: But how do you want to find under so many girls the one, you could fall in love?
Bill: That`s difficult but not impossible. There are many situations, when I meet fans. Then it`s possible, that I fall in love with one.

BRAVO: Did you ever met a fan and thought: she`s hot?
Bill: Yes, there were some girls, and I thought, they look really cute.
But mostly it doesn`t happen, that we get to know us more closely. I always need a lot of time, before I open my heart for somebody.

Bravo: How do you want to change that?
Bill: Not at all. Besides, we clicked the moment we met. I really believe strongly in love at first sight!

BRAVO: How would you react in such a situation?
Bill: Then I would think at once: I have to get to know her absolutely. But I have no idea, how far I would go. I would be totally confussed for sure and would not know, where to go.

BRAVO: And what is with groupies?
Bill: I have always nice talks with them. But I`m not a guy for one night

BRAVO:What has to happen, that you would decide for a one-night-stand however?
Bill: Just when I think, that it is love at the first sight. And in the next morning I would find out, that she`s stupid and bitchy. Then we would stop with that one night. But I don`t plan things like that. I really don`t like one-nigt-stands.

BRAVO: Is the love of your fans a compensation for a relationship?
Bill: That can be. What the fans give us, is at any rate very, very nice. It`s really a good feeling, that they exist. To think about them, helps me often a lot.

BRAVO: Music or love? What is more important?
Bill: I live my dream with the music. When I would have fallen in love, then I would see that maybee in another light. But at the moment Tokio Hotel is at the first place at any rate.

BRAVO: Would you reveal to your fans being in love with a girl?
Bill: Yes! I couldn`t keep that to me for sure. Then I would spend a lot of time with her and everybody would see that. A hide-and-seek wouldn`t be fair for the fans and for her
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Since 2 years no kiss! Why he is so lonely
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